Winter Activities in Cancún

Escape extreme weather this winter and head over to Cancún in Mexico. Cancún is one of the few places in the Northern Hemisphere that have balmy weather, plenty of sunshine and blue skies in winter. While enjoying Cancún’s glorious weather in winter, you can also relax in several ways. Stick around and know all that you can do in this city between November and January.

cancun sign


Cancun is home to an enchanting festival, Pocadas. This event celebrates the journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem and takes place in the run up to Christmas. Watch the ceremonial procession of the locals in the gorgeous Xcaret Park and relive the ancient Biblical days.

Xcaret Park is known for its ecological and archaeological treasures and is a famous tourist destination around Cancun. Check with your tour operator if you require tickets to this park.

Romancing on the cruise

If you want to spend a few private moments with your partner, why not book a dinner on a cruise? Watch the sun go down as your boat sails in the calm Bay of Cancun. This romantic cruise lasts two-and-a-half hours. Enjoy an extravagant meal and drinks in the open bar aboard your boat.

Garrafon Reef Park

Indulge in some serious marine activity at the world-famous Royal Garrafon Reef Park. This natural habitat is just thirty minutes away from Cancun.

Hop on to a ferry and fill up on the continental breakfast. Make sure you have a bellyful meal because this trip will last a full day. While at Garrafon you can indulge in a host of activities, such as scuba diving, snorkeling and kayaking.

Once you are done with your water activities, explore the village close by and understand the Mexican culture better. Finally, don’t forget to relax at the Beach Club lounge.

Moonlight snorkeling

Now this experience will take your breath away. Snorkel in the moonlight and watch jellyfish, turtles, and other marine animals glide by. What’s so special about this activity is that these creatures emit neon lights and make themselves visible even at night! We can’t explain this experience perfectly in words, so you’ll have to come down to Cancun and book this tour. This is one activity you mustn’t miss!

Time travel at Chichen Itza

This is one of the ancient sites in Mesoamerica. Chichen Itza is known the world over for its Mayan monuments, and this lost city finds mention in the Central American folklore. Explore the ruins of this lost city and take home some beautiful memories.

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