Try a Fly Board

Fly boarding is the latest activity to hit the waves and is taking beachgoers by storm. What exactly is it? A fly board is essentially a type of jetpack on a hover board that gets its propulsion from a jet of water. The entire system sucks water from a long hose submerged in the water behind the board.

The New Toy for Any Water Thrill-Seeker.

Somebody had the brilliant idea of combining the fun of a surf board with a crazy and innovative tech; the result is ridiculously brilliant: an adrenaline and water-fuelled ride that takes beachgoers out of the water and into the air in a wild rush.fly2

Fly boarding is not just a localised attraction; it has grown exponentially into a global phenomenon that makes anyone watching want to fly through a few feet above water and glide elegantly or perform stunts like a professional. What better place to try this than the crystalline blue waters of Cancun. For a brief time gravity can be overcome as swimmers become flyers and take to the air for an exhilarating experience.

Where Can You Try This?

The azure waters of Cancun are stunning and the beaches are superb if you looking to simply lounge, enjoy the sun or drive a Jet-Ski. However many people go to Cancun for some extra fun and a fly board is a great way to make thirty minutes feel like thirty seconds. They say time flies when you are having fun, and truer words could not be spoken when referring to a fly board. A great example of experiencing this sport is Aqua World in Cancun.

fly1First, they will first set you up with an instructor to show you the ins and outs of using a fly board. Then you are released or rather launched to have fun by yourself. The instructors give guidance because using a fly board for the first time will require you to learn to keep your balance and understanding the gearing system.

Once these are grasped, then flying will become easy and even the novice user will dare to try and pull off a few stunts. This is truly a breath-taking experience that will have adrenaline junkies craving for more as they learn to master the fly board and love the feeling of flight.