Snorkelling in Cancun

There are many places to do aqua sports and go snorkelling in and around Cancun, and each has its own set of special attributes. There are a whole variety of things to see, and each one is absolutely wonderful in its own right. Snorkelling in Cancun is an amazing experience that should not be missed.


There is such an abundant amount of wildlife around Cancun because Mesoamerica is situated in a tropical zone. The sun is always shining and the water is always warm.snork1

One seasonal tour that is very common is swimming with nurse sharks and whale sharks. They look very similar to the infamous Great Whites, but they are much smaller and are not interested in humans when it comes to food. That makes them great subjects for viewing.

Sea turtles are also found in Cancun waters and there are many kinds of them. Again, because of the perfect environment, Cancun is a popular place for sea turtles to nest. Just make sure you follow the signs so that you do not disturb the nesting sites.

Do Not Touch

Other than sharks and turtles, there are countless other varieties of fish, coral formations, starfish, cephalopods, and many other exciting things to see.

Among those exciting things that you will see are a couple of critters that are best not to touch. Some of them can stick built in spines into your skin, and others can leave you with a nice little sting. Either way, getting hurt in the water is never fun, so be sure to check with your hotel staff, dive or snorkel instructor, or tour guide to find out what dangers you should avoid at the time of year that you are there.


South of Cancun is an area known as the “Hotel Zone”, where you can find some of the best coral reefs in the Cancun area. It is the best place to jump into the water and see some of the fantastic sea life that exists there without going on long trips or tours.snork2

Puerto Morelos is another very good place to snorkel and it is fairly close to the airport. The thing that is special about snorkelling in Puerto Morelos is that it is so easy. The reefs are very close to the shore and that makes it easy to jump in and see the fish with no hassle whatsoever.

There are also several national parks that have great spots to snorkel in. Some of them are inland a bit and offer fresh water snorkelling, and others are situated over reefs. Both options give you plenty to see. Some of the most famous parks include El Garrafon, Chankanaab, Xcaret, Xel-Ha, and there are many others.

Cenotes are also a great place to see a lot of life. They are incredible underwater caves and tunnel systems made of sandstone that look really interesting when swimming over them. These are a favourite for divers, but snorkelers love them too.


No matter how long you are planning on staying in Cancun, you can stay very busy with just snorkelling alone. The numbers of species to discover, as well as all of the interesting places to see, make Cancun one of the richest holiday destinations in Mesoamerica for snorkelling and scuba adventures. If you haven’t yet been there, now is definitely the time.