Slots with an Aqua Theme

Winter is coming. Well, at least for most of us. This also means that we must bury away our dreams of sandy beaches, sunny weather scuba-diving, gorgeous tans, and tasty drinks by the pool. Fortunately, we can dig them up after a gruelling winter, unless you live in Scandinavia where the sun is on permanent strike.

Luckily, there is a solution to alleviate the gruelling yearn for different water activities in a luxurious beach-front hotel. That solution comes in the form of exciting online casino games with a hint of water sports flavour from the sandy and sunny beaches of your dreams!

Satisfy Your Cravings

You might ask how in the world can someone substitute a real beach vacation with an online casino game? As surprising as it might sound, modern online casinos have created immensely creative video slot games with different themes to get players in to the right mood.

With flashy graphics, fascinating special effects. and lucrative winning chances, suddenly playing video slots sounds rather appealing. Not to mention the over 94% average theoretical win probability, which might well finance your next Caribbean trip to try a fly board.

At this point you may ask where to start? In this article, we’ll list 2-3 games with a sunny beach twist you can try out and help lend some sunshine and flashy entertainment to those wintery dark nights!

There are sites like, where you can get free spins with no deposit. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll be able to cash in without making a cash deposit. The will probably have some casino rooms that offer free spins on the slots presented below.

Wild Water

Online casino game developer NetEnt is the gold standard for online video slot games. You can definitely see this in their Wild Water online slot game. The game has a nice 60’s surfer vibe with all kinds of beach-themed symbols in the 5 reels.game1

In fact, when you win special sound effects blast out “cowabungaa” and other surfer slang shouts! Even more awesome are the bonus games and free spins that players can use to chase delicious win multipliers and jackpots. The interface background is a beautiful white beach with turquoise water reminding you where you could be once you hit the jackpot!

Beach and Beach Life

One of the biggest trends in the past 10 years has paradoxically been an admiration for retro. Maybe that’s why people still love Magaluf instead of new vacation spots.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking to combine the longing for good times from the past and beach fantasies, look no further than Beach and Beach Life online video slot! Released back in 2006, this beach-themed blast from the past might be the easiest game for the eye with its dazzling combination of bright colours and contrasts.game2

In this 5-reel and 20 pay line progressive slot game, you can enjoy Playtech’s oldest game with a full heart and sunny smile. No wonder, because all the symbols on the reels are beach-inspired pictures such as a smiling sun, delicious popsicles and ice cream, and a funny-looking scuba diver. If this game doesn’t give a feeling of being on the beach, then we don’t know what will!


Last, but definitely not least, we’ll introduce a crazy and trippy Wipeout video slot. In this 5-reel and 10 payout line, players can have a maximum bet of 300 euros per round! Obviously for risk-averse players, the smallest bets are in pennies as well. The theme of the game follows another surfside lifestyle with such reel symbols as cool shades, stylish surfer, huge wave, and of course a sun with a big smile! With free spins and 250X multipliers, Wipeout will take your mind off the falling snow or eerie fall darkness outside! game3There you have it. In total four games designed to help you to cope with the coming winter. Actually, if you are a fan of Game of Thrones, you can probably spot GoT-themed slots as well!