Scuba Diving

If you are a fan of diving, you have got to experience Cancun at least once. The water is clean and warm, and there are a wide variety of dives available. Nothing about diving in Cancun is amateur. People have been going there for a very long time and they know exactly what they are looking for.

Every dive centre in Cancun is licensed and insured, and because of the high rate of tourism in the holiday destination, the prices are always competitive. Professional centres, a great variety of dive locations and styles, and affordable prices make diving in Cancun an excellent choice.scuba1


There are many famous diving sites in Cancun. The following list is just a few of the most notable options. Cancun is surrounded by reefs for hundreds of miles. Due to the weather in the area and the warm temperatures of the water, there is no shortage of sea life.

Reef divers can go on a variety of different dives to explore the reefs, which include deep-water dives, shallow dives, open water dives, and coves. Each comes with its own special benefit and divers of all kinds can find the perfect location for their skills and interests.

Man-Made Attractions

scuba3There are a few man-made attractions in and around Cancun that are very popular with tourists. The most well-known is the underwater museum called Musa. This is made up of statues of people that are scattered along the sea floor. The statues are very interesting and the longer they sit on the ocean floor, the more interesting they become due to the coral growth.

Another interesting thing to see are the shipwrecks. There are a few around the holiday destination and swimming around them makes you feel like an explorer in an aqua themed slot.


Day trips to Cozumel are well worth your time as the reefs there are incredible. The location is famous for its long underwater visibility and volume of sea life. Dives in this area are not too difficult, which makes all that you can see a real treat. This is a great place to go with your family.

While in Cozumel, many divers go to Pared Verde. This is an underwater wall that has become covered in coral. The combination of a man-made structure with the beauty of the coral growing on it creates an incredible ambiance that every diver should experience.


scuba2Cenotes are deep sinkholes that create cave systems and tunnels that are perfect for exploration. Many of these are for the more advanced divers, but there are some tours that will take beginners along. If you are ready for a tropical freshwater dive that is filled with great sights, you have got to take a trip through some of these.

There are two main types of Cenote dives and each requires a different level of certification. The first only requires open water certification and these dives take people to the mouths of the caves. The more advanced divers need cave certification for the second type because these trips go deep inside of the caverns.


While there is no way that you could ever see all there is to see in the underwater worlds of the Yucatan, whatever you happen to witness will change your life. There are not many other places on Earth with such beautiful diving.