Paddle Boarding and Surfing – Fun in the Sea

Two water sports that have managed to garner the attention of water sports enthusiasts across the globe are paddle boarding and surfing. Though both of them might seem similar, there are subtle differences between the two sports. Newer variations of these sports have also been introduced to make the experience more adventurous and memorable.

Paddle Boarding and SUP

Paddle boarding can be simply defined as lying, kneeling or standing on a big surf board and managing to maneuverer through open waters. Paddle boarding is normally practiced in the ocean and paddlers move from one island to another, sometimes paddling together for hours.ww1

The person who is paddle boarding can take the help of a single paddle. Traditionally, paddle boarding was only done when kneeling. However, one of the latest fads catching up with people is stand up paddle boarding (SUP).

As the name suggests, this kind of paddle boarding is done standing up instead of kneeling. The paddlers stand up on the boards till a wave reaches them and use a paddle to move ahead through the water. This activity, which was recently recognized as an outdoor sport, has managed to catch the fancy of fitness enthusiasts. This fast growing offers a full body workout and can be practiced in calm waters, as well. The sport improves one’s overall strength, balance and flexibility and also strengthens arm and leg muscles.


Surfing is also a water sport in which a surfer rides the deep face of a wave with or without a board. The surfers sit on a board till the waves arrive, which carry the surfers to the shore. Body boarding is also another form of the sport, where the surfer uses a body board and can either kneel, lie down or even stand up. Another variation, which is very commonly practiced, is body surfing done without any use of a board.

Paddle Boarding and Surfing in Cancun, Mexico

Mexico is a place that offers numerous adventurous opportunities, and is well suited for paddle boarding and surfing activities or kayaking and canoeing. Below are some of the places where SUP and surfing can be tried out.

  • SUP Cancun Paddle Boarding

This facility is situated at Bahia de Mujeres, which lies between Cancun and Isla Mujeres. This is a flat-water area which also makes it easy for beginners to try out paddle boarding. The water is crystal clear and this makes the whole experience of paddle boarding more interesting.ww2

  • Stand Up Paddle Cancun

The facility is certified to offer paddle boarding lessons for both beginners and experienced paddlers. Experienced certified instructors make sure that the paddle boarding lessons are interesting and informative.


  • 360 Surf School

This facility teaches lessons in stand up surfing. The school, established in the year 2000 has been rated as the best school for learning surfing. Certified multilingual instructors conduct surfing courses for all age groups and levels. Prior bookings need to be made for the lessons.

  • Jet Surf Mexico

This company specializes in lightweight motorized surfboarding. This sport is a take-off on traditional surfing and never fails to thrill water sports lovers.

Cancun has numerous other companies that specialize in rentals, tours and training in both paddle boarding and surfing.