Kayaking and Canoeing In Mexico

Kayaking and canoeing are similar water sports that have now caught the fancy of water sports fans doing scuba diving before. Kayaks and canoes have been used as a form of transport for a long time.

However, both have been recognized for their potential as a water sport for only a few decades.mexx


This is an activity where the person kneels, facing forward in a small boat called a canoe that moves through the water with the help of a single bladed paddle. Canoeing has been a part of the Olympic Games since 1936. There are different types of canoes, such as racing canoes, white water canoes and recreational canoes.


mex2Kayaking is the activity of moving across a water body on a boat called a kayak. However, the primary difference between canoeing and kayaking lies in the fact that a kayak is a low lying boat, and the person sits facing forward with both the legs straight in front. The paddle is a double bladed one and mostly the kayaks are close-decked.

Best Places in Mexico:

Mexico is famous for its sunny beaches and abounds in places where kayaking can be entertained. Some of these are Tlapacoyan, Jalapa and Valles in the state of San Luis Potosi. The rivers of the country have different sections that cater to the expertise of the beginner, middle or expert level paddlers. The following is a brief description of the kayaking facilities in the Tlapacoyan area of Mexico.

  • The Oro is one of the best places for kayaking and is highly recommended. The water is clear and passes through numerous gorges, finally joining the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Cascada Micos offers a very different kayaking experience with numerous pool drops, which are 20 to 30 feet in height. The Rio Alseseca is one of the main rivers of the Tlapacoyan area. It has numerous sections for kayaking that cater to different levels of paddlers.mex1
  • Filobobos Ruins section is another section of the Rio Alseseca River. This is a good place for beginners to practice their kayaking skills before trying out more adventurous routes. Paddlers have the additional perk in this stretch of finding a Mayan temple ruin.
  • Alseseca Roadside Section of the river is filled with bedrocks and caters to kayaking for all levels. The S bend is a fun filled steep slide.
  • Big Banana Section is a quite difficult stretch of white water for a kayak. This is a section of the Rio Alseseca River. Even experienced paddlers would find it difficult to paddle down this river that encompasses some steep drops: Silencio (40 foot) and Meat Locker (a double drop). There are many more fun drops, too.

People who kayak in Mexico should not miss Riviera Maya, Riviera Nakrit and the island of Espiritu Santo. Those who take a trip to Mexico for Kayaking need to understand the nature of the rivers, and should try to choose a segment according to their level of expertise.