Drive a Jet-Ski

In the early 1960’s a motorcycle racer by the name of Clayton Jacobson had a brilliant and innovative idea. That idea was the Jet Ski. How did this happen? As a professional racer, he would often train himself psychologically to get comfortable with risky driving to give himself a competitive edge during races and this meant driving with hardly any protection. One fine day, he had a minor crash and had to stop for the day.

This is where the idea of the personal watercraft was born. By the 1970, the Jet Ski was the big hype across all oceans and everyone wanted a piece of the pie. Even today, these personal watercrafts are exhilarating as the companies that make them are all competing to increase the performance with each new model.ski2

As one can imagine, the best time to enjoy a jet ski is when the seas are calm, which is ironic considering how far from calm these vehicles can feel. One astonishingly enjoyable feature of a jet ski is the fact that it is very stable and nearly impossible to overturn due to the way the hulls are designed. While this might not sound like an important fact, it actually means that first time users need to worry more about staying on than capsizing.

Plenty of Options

Being such a popular destination, Cancun spoils all its visitors with a large list of choices even including paddle boarding and surfing. A variety of different outlets offer Jet Ski packages to have some fun on these exciting machines. There are many different prices that vary depending on what the outlet offers.ski1

A major consideration when looking at the packages is the time that is allotted to you. While this may sound obvious, you need to look at the time allotted, but also what kind of Jet Ski you are getting for your money. Powerful models mean a bigger price tag, but the thrill of the ride will be a lot more exhilarating.

In some instances, the more popular shops generally offer lower costs of the packages. If you check online, one place does stand out that offers tourists an interesting host of experiences:

Something for Everybody

Aqua World offers a host of different tours and packages that can meet and even exceed a water lover’s requirements. Be it an exhilarating flight in the air while para-gliding, mesmerizing scuba diving, or the rush of a jet ski, you will find all you need in a one-stop shop. Aqua World even boasts having a Yamaha VX-1100, which is a fantastic example of a high performance Jet Ski and an impressive machine, though not one to be used by first timers.

The staff asks about your planned destination and marks your way on a map. This is so you can arrive safely, but at the speed of your choice, whether it’s pleasantly cruising or a thrilling ride defying the sea.