Aqua Sports in Cancun

When it comes to offering a wide and exciting assortment of holiday water sports, the folks down in Cancun really know what they are doing. The sports offered are many and the organization of tours and activities is top-notch.

Cancun has been a hotspot for North American tourists for a very long time, and as a result the quality of the sports on offer does not disappoint. You will find just about any water sport that you can think of in Cancun.aqua1

Underwater B.O.B

In this unique activity you can ride along the ocean floor on something that resembles an underwater scooter. If you do not like to be connected to breathing tubes and face masks you are in luck, because when you go on this activity your whole helmet is filled with air.

If you can imagine a cross between an old-fashioned scuba suit with the air-filled helmet and an underwater scooter that looks a little like a seahorse, you will be pretty close to picturing the equipment used in this activity.

Jet Surfing

Jet Surfing is exactly as it sounds; only the jet is attached to more of a wakeboard-type board than a surfboard. The concept is very simple with this activity: speed along the surface of the water while standing up on a board. No more waiting for that perfect wave!

Wave Runners

Wave runners are always a classic and do not require any specialized skills. In fact, you don’t even need to know how to ride a bike to be successful on a wave runner. If you are unfamiliar with the term “wave runner”, it is also known as a jet ski.

Snorkelling and Diving

The water surrounding Cancun is incredible. There are extensive reefs to be explored and underwater cave systems, as well. There are daily trips to some of the most amazing spots and you can choose between snorkelling and diving.aqua2


Flyboarding might be one of the most exciting water sports on offer at Cancun. To do this sport, you wear a rig on your feet that propels you through the water and the air. There are many possibilities for doing stunts and tricks and there is even an emerging professional scene surrounding the sport. If you love to fly, flyboarding is definitely the sport for you.


With so much on offer in Cancun, the biggest problem sports enthusiasts have is deciding how long to stay. Some of the activities mentioned here can be enjoyed as one-time experiences, while others may require a bit more practice before you really start to spread your nautical wings. Set yourself some goals and make a plan before you go or you might just be overwhelmed by the choices.